Callan Method English eBook
Stage 12

Stages 11 and 12 are the advanced levels of the Callan Method, and are appropriate for learners studying at level C1 of the CEFR. Many of the questions within these two stages are designed to elicit opinion, enabling students not only to practise the new language they are learning but also to express their own ideas more freely. Together, Stages 11 and 12 introduce over 1700 new words, expressions and phrasal verbs, and also cover advanced points of grammar that students are expected to know when sitting high-level EFL exams, such as inversions (e.g. “Little did Mary know that we had arranged a party for her birthday”) and reduced relative clauses (e.g. “The man arrested for the crime will probably end up in prison”). In addition to the familiar Callan Method speaking practice, there are short exercises to revise useful collocations (e.g. “on loan”) and introduce new expressions composed of words already covered in earlier stages of the Method (e.g. “strike a balance”). Stages 11 and 12 also contain special writing sections, in which students are given practical advice on dealing with a number of common text types, such as cover letters, reports and essays – optional homework titles are included for each of these. These two stages offer today’s higher-level students a great way to keep on improving, and, with the exercises and writing sections, they provide an ideal focus for anyone preparing for an exam either at upper-intermediate or advanced level.

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